Panel Air Filter

QAP panel air filters are designed with the optimal filter paper folding and folding technology to prevent the filter media from "folding".And QAP air filter is made of moisture-proof media to ensure that the filter will not be affected by the moisture in the air in the intake system, so as to reduce engine wearing.

Radial Air Filter

The inner and outer walls of the QAP radial air filter are designed with high-strength metal mesh, which greatly enhances the strength of the filter element. Metal end cover type air filter, the upper and lower end covers are tightly combined with the filter paper by high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive; the polyurethane type air filter has a suitable PU density to ensure that the filter can be tightly fitted in the air filter housing . This ensures that no air bypass occurs, thus ensuring that the engine is protected from dust pollution in the air. It can provide a protective seal against the operating environment of the car.

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