Single effect cabin air filter

The main function of the cabin air filter is to filter impurities, such as pollen, dust in the air, dust particles, etc.and prevent them from entering the cabin of the vehicle.

Dual effect cabin air filter

In activated carbon filters, QAP use high-quality coconut shell carbon imported from Sri Lanka.  It is fully activated and adds the unique formaldehyde decomposition factor, which can effectively adsorb toluene, butane, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and formaldehyde and other VOC gases.

Multi-function cabin air filter

1. Electrostatic cotton adsorption layer: micro-charging the microfiber, which can effectively filter dust, pollen, large particles, and the open fiber structure can ensure deep dust retention.

2. Electrostatic melt-blown layer: Melt-blown fiber can achieve more than 90% filtering efficiency against 2.5 micron particles.

3. Activated carbon layer: eliminate unpleasant odors and reduce the impact of harmful exhaust gases.

4. Antibacterial layer: silver plating can protect other layers from being damaged during the manufacturing process, increases the stiffness of the filter structure, and the silver ions undergoes antibacterial treatment to achieve antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

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