Transmission filter

The best performance of the automatic transmission system depends on the excellent filtering quality. The QAP transmission filters are designed to keep the car's transmission in its best working condition by preventing damage caused by harmful contaminants.

Air dryers

Air dryers are used in the braking systems of commercial vehicles. Its function is to absorb moisture, dirt and oil droplets in the compressed air. Therefore, the air dryers can protect the pneumatic system from corrosion and ensure the normal operation of the brake system.

Urea Filter

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems are becoming more important in vehicles in order to meet the increasingly stringent emission requirements. The QAP urea filters can filter out the impurities in the urea solution, thereby preventing the SCR nozzle from being worn and helping to reduce harmful gases.

Coolant liquid filter

Coolant liquid filters are used in diesel engines for passenger cars. Most Coolant liquid filters contain active ingredients-corrosion inhibitors, which are released into the coolant to soften the coolant and give it corrosion resistance.

Dust filter

During the refueling process, the fuel vapor in the fuel tank enters the carbon canister and is absorbed by the activated carbon. The purified gasoline vapor is discharged into the atmosphere through the dust filter. At this time, the sensor monitors the quality of the discharged vapor.The dust filter should keep low resistance to ensure smooth air flow, otherwise, the fuel tank cannot be refueled. The dust filter provides clean air to the carbon canister through the gasoline pump, bringing fuel vapor into the engine for combustion.

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